From Trauma

to Triumph

How Alternate Therapies Saved My Life and How They Can Save You


Willpower is what Rachie had learnt to befriend having experienced more than her fair share of despair. One year after leaving an abusive relationship whilst suffering from PTSD, she was the passenger in a car accident that left her having to learn how to walk again. She was left to battle chronic pain and poor mental health.

She found herself lost, stuck and spiralling. It appeared her life was made up of a series of “one tragedy” after the next moments. Willpower alone was no longer enough. Rach found herself suicidal and bitter whilst asking, “When can I catch a break?” and, “Why is life incredibly painful?”

Rachie was 24 and sick of her life’s bullshit. She desperately travelled through her trauma, hoping to find the version of herself that was lost to darkness and pain. What she uncovered was more miraculous than she expected. No, she did not return to her former identity. Instead, she created a self and life that was far more remarkable than she ever imagined.

Upon reading, be prepared to be taken from the depths of despair to golden nuggets of wisdom gained from life experience and studying psychology, hypnotherapy, reiki, colour therapy, crystals and metaphysics.

Trust there is a whole unseen world alive with magic and joy waiting for you! Allow yourself to tap into it as you turn the pages. You are never alone, have faith that change is possible!


Rachie Jean Foster

Rachie grew up in the Rockingham and Mandurah regions of Western Australia. She enjoys spending her time painting, at the beach, gardening and with loved ones. During her colourful life, involving domestic violence and a major car accident, she has learnt how to bounce back and triumph over trauma.

Not to mention, Rach’s curious nature has also led her to become qualified with a BA in psychology with minors in developmental and health psychology, colour mirrors therapy, Reiki, crystal, metaphysical and animal healing.

After experiencing struggles with mental health and a sense of belonging from a young age, Rach was taken on a journey of self-discovery that led to a deeper understanding of others and life. Her hopes for the future are to be able to assist others in learning to help themselves using her knowledge and skills.

All in all, Rachie wishes to help people reconnect with the magic and beauty that exists in life